What Owning Your First Car Teaches You

What Owning Your First Car Teaches You

There are lots of things in life that we can put down as learning experiences, some of them are almost rites that we have to pass through in order to reach or potential as adults. One such experience or rite is gaining ownership of our very first motor car. Getting a car marks a transition in our lives, it is the point at which we really gain our independence. No longer are we reliant on our parents to ferry us around to where we need to be, we have our own means of getting there, and more importantly getting ourselves home again.

But other than the freedom of independence owning a car also brings with it a new element of responsibility that we have never experienced before. We have to learn about the perils and pitfalls of responsible ownership and just what it costs. Something else you will come to realise pretty quickly is that your friends will never look at you in the same light again.

More Friends Than Ever

Having access to your own car quite simply means that you can take you friends where they need to go. You are more likely to be invited out to events than you ever were, and people that you only previously said hello to in passing may just want to become your new best friends. What you represent to them is opportunity. You will love the popularity that your car brings you, and your friends will love the fact that it won’t cost them more than the occasional coffee or a token gesture towards petrol money to keep them in your good books.

Of course you may end up with the sense that you are being used and they are only putting up with you because you have a car, and if you can live with that, then fine, but if you can’t you had better keep a calm head on your shoulders and put some effort into discovering which of your friends value you for your friendship and not your transport.

Money Drain

There is no denying that owning a car is a drain on your finances. You may very well have the mode of transportation that you have always wanted, you just may not be able to take it to all of the places that you wanted because you don’t have money for fuel. There is much more to the financial aspects of owning a running a car than just keeping it topped up with fuel. You will soon find out the reason why people moan about the cost of car repairs, and come to understand what is meant by the sense of dread they experience when the mechanic takes in a long intake of breath before speaking about the problems he has found with your car. There is more to running and maintaining a car than just setting aside money for fuel every month, you are also going to have to set aside some emergency repair money too.


Claire is an experienced car owner and knows the frustrations that go hand in hand with the excitement of owning your first car. From hunting out the cheapest insurance to the best local mechanic, owning your first car is like stepping into a whole new world of responsibility.

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