Get More Life Out of Your Tires with Proper Care and Maintenance

Get More Life Out of Your Tires with Proper Care and Maintenance

Everybody wants a little more bang for their buck, and similarly – when it comes to automobiles and driving – everybody wants to be as safe as possible.

Well there is one aspect of your vehicle that can be manipulated into achieving both of those goals at once!  Proper tire maintenance can prolong the life of the tire treads by as much as 50%, according to industry leaders, and not only does that mean that you will have to replace your tires less often, but your vehicle will operate at peak performance longer and at the highest standards for safety.

Moreover, not only will maintaining your tires lead to more money in your pocketbook, but it also helps to increase the overall life of your vehicle’s engine and is healthier for the environment!

In order to maximize the life of your tires, you need to take the time to maintain proper inflation levels and be mindful of any unusual tire tread wear and over the life of those tires, thousands and thousands of miles will be gained, not to mention countless extra trips to the gas station.

Here are a handful of tire maintenance considerations that virtually any driver can make in order to prolong their utility and safety:


The biggest issue regarding tires on the road right now is under-inflation.  Not only do under inflated tires pose a safety risk, but underinflated tires run hotter than normal, leading to quicker and more abnormal tread wear.  Industry leaders say that underinflated tires can cost you up to a mile per gallon in fuel efficiency (think of how much $$$ that is over the course life of your vehicle) not to mention that it can cause your vehicle to handle in a dangerous fashion and could possibly lead to tire blowouts.


Savvy drivers are constantly checking their tire pressure to guard against under-inflation, but sometimes if they aren’t careful, they can be causing extra harm to their vehicle.  Over-inflation just might be more dangerous than under-inflation.   Overinflated tires are more prone to blowouts, and the tread wears out in even quicker fashion than with poorly inflated tires.

Alignment issues

Sometimes you can maintain pitch-perfect tire inflation, but still witness abnormal tire wear or other issues that diminish the life of your tires.  These are most likely due to an issue with in or around your vehicle’s chassis.  For instance, cupping and feathering wear often begins to show when a vehicle’s suspension is misaligned.  Other issues that can lead to inconsistent tire performance include bad shock absorbers, struts and out-of-balance tires.  Your best bet is to make sure you keep an eye on your tires for abnormal wear patterns, and if you observe anything out-of-the ordinary, quickly get to a mechanic to get your alignment inspected.

Taking the time to check in and take care of your tires is one of the investments you can make.  It’s good for you, your bank account, and the environment.  It’s a no-brainer.  Devote a few minutes each week to tire safety diligence, and you will be repaid in a plentiful fashion over the course of your tires life!

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    While many people believe that tires will only get out of alignment when hitting a curb or potholes, the reality is everyday driving can gradually get tires out of line. This is why it is a good idea to have your alignment checked at least once a year. Misalignment of tires is one of the major causes of tire wear.  

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