The Top Ways That Your Car Can Be Stolen and What You Can Do To Prevent It

The Top Ways That Your Car Can Be Stolen and What You Can Do To Prevent It

Every year car experts and researchers release a list that details the cars that are stolen the most often, and how the owners of the cars can prevent thieves from taking their vehicles. Even with all of this information circulating around, car thieves are still managing to steal multiple cars every day. Auto theft has become a part of the dark underground world of the car insurance industry and it continues to be profitable for thieves despite the new anti-theft technology emerging on the market.

So, what else can you do except not drive one of the cars that are on the list? Authorities from different agencies have met with insurance companies to compile another list. This list will give you a glimpse into how a car thief thinks, and the list will also provide ways for you to counteract these attacks to your car. These government agencies have created this list not as a “how-to steal a car”; rather it is stocked with information to give the average driver a fair advantage.

A Car Thief Will Tap a Car to See If There Is an Alarm

The public has become increasingly desensitised to the sound of a car alarm going off. It does not take much for them to sound, and someone will ignore the sound rather than look through a window to see if the car is truly in danger. Instead of getting a car alarm that will sound when activated, get an app for your cell phone or a pager that will alert you when someone is too close to your car.

A Car Thief Will Break a Car Window to Get What They Want

Do not leave tempting items in plain sight in your car. If you cannot take these items with you when you leave the car, place the items in the trunk. Radios in certain cars have removable faces. These components of the radio can be valuable to a thief. When you remove the face, take it with you; do not leave it in the car.

A Car Thief Will Cut the Steering Wheel If They Have To

You can easily lock your steering wheel in place when you park your car, but this will not deter a car thief. If your car has the option to allow the driver to disable the starter, you should do that every time you park your car.

A Car Thief Will Jump Into a Car Whilst It Is Running Idle

You should never leave your car running when you are not in it, and never leave the keys inside the car or in the ignition. It may only take you a second to drop off a video rental, but in that same second your car could be stolen.

A Car Thief Will Scout a Parking Lot for a Car to Steal

What better way to have a variety of cars to choose from in one location? If you are shopping, going to the movies, or watching a sporting event always make sure that you park your car as close to the entrance as possible. You should also check to see if there are parking lot attendants available.

These are just a few of the ways that a car thief can take advantage of an ordinary situation and steal your car in a matter of moments.

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