Never Be Caught Without a Car Emergency Kit

Never Be Caught Without a Car Emergency Kit

It used to be at one time that you found a job in your local area and the commute to work was nothing more than a pleasant walk or a short bus ride. Times have changed and these days people are required to travel hundreds of miles a week in order to attend their place of work. With so much of our time being taken up with travelling it makes sense that we have everything in our car we could need should we encounter an emergency en-route, either on a personal level, a mechanical level, or in our immediate environment.

Emergency Kit

You could keep on packing for almost every eventuality, but you would be left with very little room in the vehicle. Instead, make sure that you have the following to hand:

  • Jump Leads: Many people consider jump leads to be something that people with old and run down cars need, until that is they park the car and walk away forgetting that they have left their lights on. Returning to your vehicle to find that you have a dead battery is incredibly frustrating. You are at the mercy of your fellow traveller and have to hope that not only will they be willing to help you get your car started, that they will also have a pair of jump leads that you can use.
  • Fully Stocked Emergency First Aid Kit: when it comes to stocking your first aid kit, firstly make sure that you have everything in there that you would normally find in an emergency kit, then you can add to what you have. One essential item to have plenty of is packs of alcohol wipes. It’s not that you will have a huge area to disinfect, they also come in handy when you get your hands dirty if you need to tweak the engine or mess about with the oil in the car. Should you be involved in an accident it is worthwhile carrying with you a list of medicines that you take regularly, both items that have been prescribed and any over the counter medicines as this will be of help to any medical team that is sent to assist you.
  • Puncture Sealing Spray: It’s not fun discovering you have a puncture, and rather than mess about changing the wheel by the side of the road, this wonderful little spray could see you make it to the next garage for a proper repair. One thing to remember though that is as soon as you have used the item you need to replace it with a new one.

Extras To Be Considered

There are some items that you don’t realise you need until you look for them and they are not there., so it is worth bearing the following in mind.

  • Mobile Charger: There is nothing worse than being caught up in an emergency and not being able to call for help because your mobile phone is flat. Your mobile could very well be your lifeline so make you that you keep it charged.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge: This is especially useful if you have had a puncture.


Even owners of the best cars know that an emergency kit is essential. Claire always ensures that she has essential items close to hand should there be a need for them when she is travelling around the country.

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