Maintaining A Used Car With Advanced Mileage

Maintaining A Used Car With Advanced Mileage

Having a reliable car that has marched valiantly over 100,000 miles can be a really nice luxury to have, but these senior citizen cars do warrant a little more attention and care than a hot-to-trot model off the assembly line, so it will take an attentive owner to keep these vehicles moving.  Getting the oil changed regularly, attending to warning signs immediately, and knowing when it is finally time to move on to a new car are all signs that you are treating your car properly.  It can be the difference between regularly taking your Camaro to the country or to the local Chevy Service Center.

Get the Oil Changed Regularly

Oil is the life force of your car’s internal system, so keeping everything clean on the inside starts with changing the oil the recommended 3,000 miles.  Paying a little extra for higher-grade oil can also do wonders for your car.  These more expensive oils help clean out engine buildup and can revitalize a sluggish system.

Attend to Warning Signs Immediately

A good car owner is in tune with every noise and move of their car and they know when something just doesn’t sound or feel right.  If your car is well past the 100,000-mile mark, it is especially important to attend to these telltale signs of trouble as fast as possible.  As your vehicle starts to go a little grey, shall we say, a problem left unattended can lead to a much bigger issue.  The faster you respond, the better, so for example, if your Camaro is starting to sound like it runs on Diesel, take it to a Service Center as soon as you can.  If you act in time, you may be able to prolong the life of your favorite set of wheels.

Know When It’s Time to Retire

It’s okay to get attached to a car; we all do it.  If you’ve had your vehicle for the long haul, saying goodbye to it when you know it your heart it’s time to move on can be hard.  Maybe it’s your first car and you’ve had some great adventures with it or maybe you just don’t feel like spending money on a new one, whatever the reason for holding on, there becomes a point when keeping it just isn’t doing anyone any favors.  If the car wheezes like it has asthma or is barely being held together by some strategically placed pieces of duct tape, it’s time to put the hunk of junk out to pasture.  Just because this may be the end of an era doesn’t mean you have to forget about the good times you had.  That’s what memories are for.

With some care, there is no reason that these over-the-hill vehicles can’t make it to 200,000 miles, but it will take an owner that acts like an over-protective parent.  If the car means that much to you, it probably won’t be difficult at all.

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