How to Repair a Car Door Lock

How to Repair a Car Door Lock

Locks are, by their nature, fragile items, and they are liable to wear and tear. When you think about it, car door locks have a busy life. They may be used several times every day and, while they are designed to last some time, they can become fragile in the end. This is why you may need, at some point, to repair a broken car door lock.

It is your choice whether you choose to take your car to be repaired elsewhere, or whether you do it yourself. Follow the instructions and you can do the job, with care, in no time at all, and it will cost you very little.

When repairing a car door lock there are three things you need before you start any work: you need gloves, a panel removal tool and a socket wrench.

First, you need to remove the door covers or cards, and any screw head covers that may be present. Do this with care, and make sure you do not break any of the trim. This should give you access to the lock itself, and you are ready to tackle the main job.

You will find that your repair kit includes a panel removal device; you should consult the instructions and use it very carefully to remove the plastic cover around the lock.

Disconnect the lock from the electrical system by removing the small plastic connection device that you will see attached – it should simply slide out. Take out any securing screws that may be holding the door fittings in place, and keep the screws where you can find them for reassembly. This last part is particularly important – lost screws mean difficulty getting things back together!

You need to remove any additional covering that the screws have released, so that you have access to the lock. To the left of your door latch there will be a hole: reach your hand into it and you will find three ‘rods’. One will be over the latch, to the top, and the next will be towards the left. The final, third one, you will find to the immediate left of the latch. These hold the lock in place and need to be removed in order to complete the job.

Now take the latch out of its fitting. It should come away easily as you have removed all the rods and connecting screws. Simply put the new lock in place, and reverse the above procedure, taking care to put the new rods back in place in the right positions.

This may sound complex but, in fact, if done with care it is a very simple procedure. However, if you are not competent with DIY, or you think this may be too difficult a job for you to tackle or don’t have the tools, you may want to ask a locksmith to tackle it for you. The expertise they bring to the game will be more than welcome, and the price will be affordable.

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