Driving on Snow and Ice: 10 Safety Tips

Driving on Snow and Ice: 10 Safety Tips

Winters make the world look so beautiful and serene that you always want to explore the limits of nature. The whiteness of the snow and the breeze chilling your surroundings; everything seems just perfect in the world. Even though it is advised to stay at home during those cold months, it is not always possible to do. You may be required to drive on snow and ice for different reasons but the only thing you need to remember at that time is caution. Here is a list of some safety tips that would keep you secured while driving on snow.

Get tires with good grip

The normal tires you use for your vehicles do not give you a firm grip on the surface below and thus the chances of you skidding are higher. Make sure your tires are capable of never leaving the hold of the surface beneath.

Ensure clear visibility

Your windows and glass panes need are crystal clear because you cannot avoid dangers if you can’t see them. Clean your windshields and keep your lights on at all times for enhanced visibility.

Low gears are the safest

Keep your vehicle on low gears so that not only are you able to control it well but you also experience extremely low footing. Higher gears can make you more prone to losing control and ending up with a disaster thereafter.

Don’t over steer your car

A common reaction to the smallest of driving hitches is to frantically steer the car but too much use of the steering wheel is highly unadvisable, as it may lead to darting the car in unwanted directions.

Pre-prepare for Tough Areas

Just because the roads are covered in snow, it does not mean that all roads remain the same to drive. Driving on snow-clad bridges and hills becomes extremely daunting. You must always carry a map or just turn on the GPS system to make sure you are prepared in advance to tackle all the hardships of the tough areas of the journey.

Avoid Black Ice

No, black ice is definitely not black but is transparent and is termed black because of the dangers it imposes. Difficult to spot, black ice closely resembles a puddle but can lead to serious catastrophes if not avoided.

Learn the Brakes

Before you start your way along the difficult roads, make sure you learn everything about the braking system of your car. The brakes of every car are different and you need to know yours well for being able to control them.

Do not rely on Technology

Well, if you can’t completely rely on people, then definitely you cannot make your life depend on the technologies of your car. The technologies do fail to support you in time of need and thus, you need to always learn the art of manually managing your car.

Never race or overtake trucks

Well, if your high-tech cars can have technological problems, trucks are far behind. With low visibility and low maneuvering abilities, trucks can impose serious threats in case of a messy situation.

Be Prepared

Last but not the least; keep basic items like tow rope, shovel, spare bulbs and a spare wheel ready in the trunk of your car to handle unavoidable circumstances in the best possible ways.

When it’s a matter of life and death, you can surely follow them for your own safety thereby, ensuring a great and memorable journey ahead.

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