4 Easy Ways to Clean the Headlights of Your Car

4 Easy Ways to Clean the Headlights of Your Car

One of the most neglected parts of any car are often the headlights. No matter how dirty they get, they still light up the road well enough. Get the headlights on your car show floor room clean though and you will be shocked at how big of a difference that slight foggy-ness that covers them right now makes. It’s easy to clean them two and here are just four of the ways you can do it.

1.Brush Them Clean

This is one of my favorite ways because it is so simple and so unexpected. Plain white toothpaste is great for cleaning your headlights. Don’t get anything special, whitening toothpastes and those with flavoring in them will contain additional chemicals and minerals that can actually make things worse. All you need to do is put the toothpaste on a dry clean and soft cloth and rub the paste in a circular motion, just like you would wax the rest of your car. Keep scrubbing until the grim starts to come off then rinse it with water and wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

2.Kill the Oxidation

Oxidation is one of the biggest issues with headlights and by cleaning all of that grim off your headlights will be just like new. First you will use a simple combination of soap and water to scrub the headlights clean. After they completely dry use some aluminum polish to cover the headlights in a dim haze. Once dry buff the haze off with a towel or cloth.

3.Buy a Restoration System

3M sells a headlight lens restoration system for as little as 15 bucks. These systems are extremely effective at cleaning headlights and come with all the tools you need. Other companies like Turtle Wax are in on the game and give you plenty of options for picking the right product for you. There are miracle cleaners out there as well like Meguiar’s PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner that should work just fine for you, and the Clean-N-Clear 5 Minute Headlight Restoration Kit will help do the trick as well. Just make sure that you research user reviews on each of these products to ensure that you are getting one that works perfect for you.

4.Get Someone Else!

Maybe this is cheating but the easiest way, while not always the cheapest, is to get someone else to do the work. It seems like there is a car wash on every street corner now, so explore the city and start looking for the one that seems the best. You’ll only need to do this every few months for the nooks and crannies and headlights on your car, the rest can be handled at home by a quick wax and shine. When all else fails though, you can always pay someone else to handle the laborious and boring work for you. Since the car wash shops generally have higher quality industrial grade products you can be sure that your results will really shine.

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