6 Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

6 Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

Cars – for many of us it is our best pal or first love and for others it is simply a matter obsession. Even a simple scratch in your buddy’s body would increase the tempo of your heart beat and would upset you too much. More important, a car would mean a huge amount of investment as well, thereby it is obligatory on your part to pay due attention to the safekeeping on your car. Here are some really important measures that can help to safeguard your car from the burglars and take proper care of your dear friend.

Firstly, having a casual attitude towards any aspect of your life is not a good idea and this is applicable for your cars also. Therefore, ensure twice whether you have locked your car or not after you have parked it. Even if have parked your car in a secured parking area, you need to act responsibly and see to it that all the doors are locked and the windows are pulled up as well. If you do not take up this measure, then you are inviting the burglar to damage or steal your car. Even of you are just going out for a couple of minutes to take out some money from the ATM or pay for your gas, do not hesitate to lock it. It only takes a few minutes for thieves to make away with your vehicle.

Many new cutting edge technical devices are available at present that will help you to track your car with GPS. To be on the safe side you can easily install this device in your brand new car. Therefore  if your car is stolen by the robbers, the police can track you car easily. It is better to be on the safe side.

Using a steering wheel lock is also a great idea to keep the burglars away from your car. The steering wheel lock is quite big in size and easily visible by all. Since the burglar only has a few seconds to get his job done he would never want to steal a car which had all these devices installed in it. He would rather keep his eyes open to all those cars which do not have these safety equipments. Which category do you want to belong to?

If the news feeds suggest that the number of theft in your locality has increased  in the recent times, then I think it’s time to encrypt the vehicle identification code in the various parts of your vehicle. Hence, in the case your car was stolen it would be impossible for the thief to re sell it anymore.

Along with a normal alarm you might even consider installing a silent alarm in your car. So, just as everyone will get to know that someone has tampered your car through the car alarm, the silent alarm would give you a message alert that a foreigner has intruded in your car. Thus no matter how far you are you will be alerted instantly.

If you have any valuables in your car, then ensure the fact that they are out of sight. If you keep them visible, then you are inviting burglars to break in. So make the right decision and keep items concealed from the eyes of strangers.

These are some of the extremely simple and inexpensive ways to keep your baby(car) away from the thieves and  in case of any discrepancy defeat them successfully. Just as you take care of yourself and take care of your possession as well.

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