Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

A car is like a home, it’s an extension of us, our personalities and our living space, an essential part of our daily lives. And just like our home, we have to constantly keep it clean and tidy or else it wears out.

Keeping your car clean not only keeps it looking good and new, but lengthens its life as well. Dust, dirt, sand and salt particles stick to your car and can ruin your car’s paint finish. They are culprits for rust and corrosion especially salt, which can hasten the process up to ten times more than normal. Washing your car frequently can prevent the buildup of these particles and keep its parts and paint finish longer. This also prevents costly repairs and improves your vehicle’s performance.

Keeping your car clean also saves you a lot of money. It can save you a lot of gas. Dirt and stuck to a car adds extra weight which makes your car eat up more gas. But this is not just limited to the exterior of the car, but check out the inside of your car as well. Unnecessary items inside the car add extra weight. Do those things really need to be there? If not, do not keep them there. Your car will not only be lighter but will give your more space to breath. And if you plan on reselling your car, keeping it clean prevents its resale value from diminishing.

A clean, tidy car is good for your health too. All that clutter and mess in the car can add stress and drain you of your energy, which is the same principle why we keep our homes and work areas tidy and clutter free too. A neat and clean car lowers stress, thus lowers blood pressure levels. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming of the car’s interior not only takes away dust particles that are bad enough for us to inhale, but also elements invisible to the eye such as mites, germs and bacteria that stick to the car seats and mats.

A clean car also improves driving safety. Clean windshields and windows ensure good driving visibility. You car will also be more visible to other drivers on the road especially at night. Clean and well maintained car parts also work and perform better, so ensures a safer drive on the road. Even smaller details such as sure footing while getting in and out of your car, opening and closing car doors and operating signal lights are made safer with clean cars.

A clean and nice looking car also boosts your self esteem. You wouldn’t want to drive around in a beat up looking car. That would be embarrassing and can add additional unwanted stress. You do not have to drive in a new or expensive car, but keeping it clean and maintaining it well makes your car nice and would still keep it looking brand new. Your car says a lot of things about you. A clean and nice looking car says good things about you. A dirty, poorly maintained and cluttered car says, well, you fill in the blank.

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  1. My wife’s car is filthy. She often takes her vehicle to dirty and muddy areas because she loves to hike. I didn’t realize that auto detailing can help improve fuel economy by removing mud and grime that can lower the efficiency of the engine. I’ll be sure to let my wife know about this benefit.

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