How to Keep Car Maintenance Costs Down

How to Keep Car Maintenance Costs Down

These days, having a car is comparable to putting a drain on your wallet. With fuel costs on a never-ending rise and exorbitant car insurance premiums, the price of routine maintenance tasks add into that equation. While this article isn’t a crash course, per se, on how to troubleshoot your car so that you can revive it in case of a breakdown, it will explore ways to keep your maintenance costs down.

Heed the oil light.

When you see the oil light signaling at you, it’s time to pull over and turn off your car’s engine. While this may simply be a case of dwindling oil level or an oil change need, it can also signal that something’s seriously wrong with your oil pressure and you only have minutes or mere seconds to spare until engine destruction.

There’s nothing wrong with independent shops.

While dealers may get you worrying that going to independent shops for maintenance tasks will void your warranty, this is far from true. As long as you adhere strictly to your car’s schedule for maintenance, use only quality parts and stash away related papers and documents, federal law is on your side, should there be any need for a warranty claim.

Loaner cars are a nice touch to enjoy when you use your dealer, but if you’re able to save actual dollars by going to an independent shop, then go ahead with the latter. If you’re thinking of bypassing your dealer, make sure that you keep tabs on any outstanding recalls on your vehicle by doing research.

Don’t pay to rotate your tires.

Tires which aren’t directional require tire rotation to keep them from wearing out fast. You don’t have to pay someone to do this for you, however. Instead, when your car is being serviced or inspected, ask the mechanic to replace your tires on different spots or buy your tires at a warehouse store and let them take care of the task.

Show some loyalty.

Your car is just like a person:  throughout the course of its life, it will need to be examined several times. And, just like having one family doctor makes sense, why not having just one mechanic? Find a well-regarded mechanic in your neighborhood or community, get to know him or her better and be loyal to him or her. Often, your loyalty will be rewarded, with efficient service and occasional discounts on services.

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