Hand Washing VS Machine Car Wash

Hand Washing VS Machine Car Wash

Washing and keeping your cars clean and tidy is imperative not only to make your car look good but also for hygiene and to keep it in good shape. There are different ways of washing your car. You could have it machine-washed at a car shop or hand-washed, which you could also do yourself.

Studies have shown that machine car wash is a much better alternative than hand washing, since hand washing may damage your car’s paint work. Hand washing may have been believed to be a gentler and more careful washing method but industry studies have shown that modern machine washing is actually more consistent, thorough and less abrasive.

When using the hand wash method, people usually use garden hoses, buckets, brushes, sponges, towels and other cleaning items usually found at home. Washing your car with these cleaning materials actually scratch and ruin the paint of your car. A study done showed that hand washing your car at home can actually produce scratches that penetrate to as much as one-tenth of an inch of the total thickness of the car’s paint. This can be pretty disappointing and depressing news for car owners who put so much tender loving care into hand washing their own cars.

Garden hoses and buckets don’t produce enough volume of water which can damage the car’s finish. Dirt and other debris and particles that fall into the water in the buckets can also scratch your car’s paint. Sponges are a major culprit in scratching your car as well since dirt and sand particles get stick in the tiny holes of its porous body and usually stay there even when you wash and clean the sponge. Same goes for towels and towels can be rougher than sponges to begin with.

A lot of people prefer to bring their cars to a machine car wash for convenience. They get a great professional car wash job done without the hassle when washing their cars themselves. They save a great deal of time, effort and backaches. There are also many car wash shops that are a walking distance from malls or other establishments. So you can have your car cleaned while watching a movie, having coffee, shopping or just taking a leisurely walk.

Other people prefer hand washing their cars perhaps for the purpose of savings or for the love of the activity and their cars. It may be a weekend routine that they enjoy. For whatever reason if you still prefer to hand wash your car, here are a few tips.  Wash your car with two buckets – one for washing and the other for rinsing. Wash your car in the shade to keep your car cool. If your car is directly under the sun, it causes the wash and rinse water to dry quickly which increases the likelihood of more water marks. Use good quality car wash detergent. Do not use laundry or dish detergents since these can remove the wax and ruin the paint. These are not formulated for cars to begin with. Avoid sponges or brushes. Invest in a quality wash mitt like a sheepskin wash mitt and throw it in the bucket when you’re done using it. Do not throw it on the ground or any dirty surface. You would not want to scratch your car while washing it.

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