What to Look For When Choosing a Vacuum for Your Car

What to Look For When Choosing a Vacuum for Your Car

Cars just like homes accumulate dust and dirt and need frequent cleaning and maintenance as well. While there are many ways to clean the interior of a house such as sweeping and mopping, they don’t quite apply to a car’s interior unlike vacuuming due to its structure and material. Dust and dirt particles fall into the floor and seats usually through open doors, windows, our shoes and the things we bring into the car. While cleaning dust and dirt particles in a home can easily be done through sweeping, unless your floor is carpeted, try sweeping the inside of your car and you’ll find it’s not quite the same story.

Vacuuming is of course the better option to clean your car’s interior. Vacuuming not only cleans hard to reach places, which is practically the entire inside of the car, but also removes tinier particles that stick to seats and other cloth and fibrous areas. It also helps get rid of mites, germs and bacteria and other elements against personal hygiene and health that are on the car seats and mats.

There are two main types of car vacuums. There are the professional wall-mount car vacuums and cordless hand-held car vacuums. Wall-mount car vacuums have cords and generally have more suction power, but its use is limited to areas that have power outlets. Cordless vacuums on the other hand run on rechargeable batteries, which do not limit its area of use, but limits its suction power and duration per use.  When choosing a vacuum cleaner for your car, also take at look at some points of utility and preference to suit your car and lifestyle.

If you’re always on the go, you might want to consider portability of the vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuum cleaners may be what you would like to invest in. They are smaller, so they can easily fit into your trunk and can be used anytime and anywhere since they run on battery. It’s also convenient for last minute touch ups before picking up passengers or if anyone spills food in the car while on a trip. But if you just clean your car when it’s in your garage, then a corded vacuum cleaner maybe a better investment since they also last longer in general.

Suction power is also a good point to consider. Corded vacuum cleaners are larger and have stronger suction power in general because of their design and motor. You can also use them more in cleaning the floor and other parts of your home. Should you opt for the cordless vacuum cleaner, then keep in mind that its suction power is also affected by the strength and duration of the battery life. When choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner, pick one that has a long lasting battery life and ample charge length. It can get annoying and time wasting when you vacuum cleaner keeps dying before you finish cleaning your car.

Of course consider whether you prefer a corded vacuum cleaner or a cordless one. See which one is more convenient for you. Though corded vacuum cleaners generally last a longer time, so they keep running as long as you keep them plugged. So your vacuum cleaner doesn’t die on you while you are still cleaning your car, which is the risk of cordless vacuum cleaners. More powerful vacuum cleaners also have higher energy requirements so they are usually corded. Then pick a vacuum cleaner that’s design and reach can meet your cars cleaning needs. Pick a vacuum that has a good reach and also some attachments like a different brush or a longer hose to make sure all parts of the interior can be cleaned. Remember, a car vacuum cleaner is only good and useful when it actually gets the job done.

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