How to Make Your Car Look Brand New For Next to Nothing

How to Make Your Car Look Brand New For Next to Nothing

If you’ve ever had someone bump into your car before, you know how annoying it can be.

All you probably did was leave it in a parking bay while you ran into the store, and then some random guy who is paying no attention whatsoever just barges straight into you.

Now you are left with a big nasty scratch on your precious car.

Do you have money to throw away?

Getting a scratch fixed at a garage can cost a lot of money. Even if it’s just a little one.

Money is tight for everyone. You just can’t go running to the garage every time some fool clips the side of your car.

Go the cheap route

You should consider buying some touch up paint and doing the job yourself. It’s a lot easier than you think.

No longer is it just a job for someone who has been doing it for years, especially if your car isn’t very expensive anyway.

You don’t want to go spending more money to get something fixed than what the car actually costs. It does need to be done though, one way or the other.

You’d be crazy to ignore it

How would you like a big hole to appear in your car? I’m guessing it’s not something you are too excited about. Trouble is, it will if your scratch has chipped the paint and exposed the metal.

Rust will start to form. The absolute enemy of any car, and eventually it will get worse and worse. That’s when you will finally end up with a hole.

But you won’t do that. You won’t leave it until it’s too late because you want to fix the scratch yourself. It’s easy and I’ll tell you how.

Go grab some alcohol

No, not the drink. You need some rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. You are going to apply it to the scratched areas to make sure you get rid of all the oil and dirt.

Don’t use too much. It shouldn’t be splashed around all over your car. Make sure you only rub it on the actual area you’re going to paint. After all the oil and dirt has been rubbed off, leave it to dry for a few minutes.

Pick up some touch up paint

If you haven’t got any touch up paint you will need to grab some from the store. There should be someone there who can help you get the right one.

Make sure you choose the right car make and model, and also the specific color which matches your car. It does make more sense if your paint actually blends in, right?

How to apply it

The key to making it look great if having a very steady hand. As you stroke the paint onto the car make sure you do it very gently.

Only put the paint where you can see the metal. Don’t get fancy and try to draw any pictures. It should be as neat and tidy as possible.

Now you just finish it off

It’s now 24 hours later and the paint has completely dried. Take a wet piece of fine grit sandpaper and rub it over the paint until it’s smooth.

Use a cloth to wipe all the excess away. Now to finish it off you just need to give it a nice layer of car wax. Now your car should look as good as new.

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