Should I use a Power Washer on My Vehicle?

Should I use a Power Washer on My Vehicle?

It is often debated whether or not a pressure washer should be used when washing and detailing a car. There are great benefits from using a pressure washer but there are also some concerns as to whether it is safe for a vehicle and its owner. In this article we will discuss both the benefits and negatives of using a pressure washer and also how it can be used correctly, but the decision on whether or not you will use this effective tool will be left to you.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to using a pressure washer to clean your car’s exterior. With a pressure washer you are able to cover more ground at a faster pace. When used correctly you will be able to get into all the cracks to get out those pines and leaves. You are also less likely to miss spots on the car as opposed to dry washing. At the right pressure you will be able to get off all the dirt, smudges any gifts a certain bird might have left you. Using a pressure washer can be the fastest and most efficient way to wash your vehicle.

The Negatives

When it comes to power washing there are some reasonable issues. One is personal protection. In the hands using a power washer can lead to serious injury. Harm to your car is also a significant dilemma. With too high of a pressure or too much of a stream of water could eliminate car wax and damage your vehicle’s paint. Another issue could be your water expenses. Other costs involve gas and/or electrical power based on which type of machine you use.

So we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages to power washing your car and you have chosen to try it out. Where do you start? First things first; get acquainted with your machine. Is it gas or electric? Are you able to modify the pressure? Once you have responded to these questions you are prepared to test the machine. Find a small spot on your vehicle to test your washer so you can get used to the stream of the jet and make sure that the pressure is not too powerful. If the pressure is too high it may destroy the wax on your car.


Continue to get acquainted with your system, exercise the overlap golf motions until you have established the best path to get the job done.

Remember to use a chemical specifically formulated for power washers and your vehicle. Using laundry detergent or dish washing soap will damage your car paint finish. A simple biodegradable substance will do just fine. Make sure to keep the washer 18 to 24 inches away from the vehicle.


Never point energy system at another person, the demand is very powerful and can cause serious damage. When using it you want to create sure that you are on level floor so you do not tumble back from the demand of it. It may be necessary to use protection glasses and wet climate garments to remain dry.

Using a power washer can be very feasible when washing and detailing your vehicle. It can speed up production and help you to get in cracks and bumpers with convenience. Pressure washing is not for everyone, it can be very risky and if not done right you may harm your car’s finish. Make sure that you know what you are doing, otherwise feel free to wash the car manually. It may take more time but in the end with hard work you can achieve a clean car to be proud of with either method.

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Written by Raymond


  1. Michelle says:

    As long as the pressure washer is 1500 psi or weaker, you should be fine using it to wash your car. Keep the nozzle at least 8 inches away too, they can strip the paint or clearcoat!

  2. J. Evan says:

    I agree that using a pressure washer could be helpful with cleaning your vehicle, however, it should only be performed using extreme caution and with very low pressure. The nozzle (as Michelle stated above) along with high pressures, could easily damage the coating and paint on the car resulting in a very expensive outcome for a once cheap alternative. I suggest visiting a local car wash or using some good ‘ol “elbow grease” to remove dirt and grime for your car.

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