How to Keep the Inside of Your Car Clean and Tidy

How to Keep the Inside of Your Car Clean and Tidy

 If you are the average Briton then you are spending more than ten hours each week in your car. That is more than twice the amount of time you spend socializing, exercising or reading. It is likely that you also have more guests in your car than you do in your home. Yet even the most immaculate housekeeper will have a dirty car.

All that time we spend in our cars takes its toll on the interior. Spilled coffee, food wrappers and used tissues pile up. If you have children then the mess gets even bigger. More people always means more mess and children are sticky little dirt makers. School work, books and snacks leave a mess that is often ignored because it is below the parent’s line of sight.

It is easy to see how the mess can quickly pile up. We tend not to think of cars as spaces we inhabit but only as a means to an endpoint. Our focus is on our destination. We think of time in our cars much the same as we think of time sleeping. It is forgotten as soon as it’s over. The transition from car to destination is abrupt and any articles that should be tidied are forgotten or disregarded. Without regular cleaning our cars become portable rubbish bins.

Cars are an extension of our home. We spend enough time in them that they should be clean, tidy and perhaps even an oasis of relaxation. Regular tidying and cleaning of your vehicle will help to maintain a clean interior. All it takes is a few moments each day and a commitment to keeping a cleaning routine.

Start by having a small bag for supplies that will be kept in the car. Pack it with paper towel, cleaning spray and small trash bags. Keep the bag on a hook or hung over the back of a seat. Give the kids a trash bag and tell them to collect up any rubbish while you are driving. If anyone eats in the car then their wrappers should go directly into the bag. You should take a moment to place any loose rubbish into the trash bag every time you stop.

If you find yourself waiting in your car you should take out the cleaning spray and paper towel. Spray and wipe small sections of the car. Clean out cup holders and give the dashboard a wipe down. Throw the paper towels into your trash bag and return all of your supplies to their storage bag.

Once a week attend a petrol station to fill up your car for the week. When you are there you should throw away your trash bag and wash your windows and headlights. Finish your weekly routine by picking up any possessions left in the car and returning them to your home. A little effort on a routine basis will keep the interior clean and dust free.

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