Give Your Car A Showroom Shine – How to Use A Clay Bar to Detail Your Car

Give Your Car A Showroom Shine – How to Use A Clay Bar to Detail Your Car

Detailing clay is a tool that professional auto detailers use to thoroughly clean and prepare the paint surface before they apply the wax or paint sealant. But why do you need to clay your car? Would it not be easier to just wax the car right after you wash it? Do you know how to use a clay bar to detail your car? All of these questions will be answered here in this article.

Why do you need to clay your car?

If you want to give your car that showroom shine, you need to get rid of all the little contaminants that have found their way onto your car’s paint, like tiny grits and dust. If you wax your car immediately without claying it first, you are actually moving those little contaminants all over the surface of the paint and doing a lot more damage. By getting rid of all the little contaminants, you prevent them from doing more damage to your car’s paint, you also make it easier to polish the surface and remove any further imperfections.

How to use a clay bar to detail your car

Claying your car is actually a very simple, yet quite tedious, process. You first need to thoroughly wash and dry your car, and then park it in your garage. It is recommended that you clay your car in the shade because not only because it will take you a couple of hours, it is also to prevent the clay’s lubricant from drying onto the paint of your car.

The next step is to knead a piece of detailing clay roughly into the half the size of a dollar bill, or something that fits roughly in the palm of your hand. Now spray on some lubricant that came with the clay’s packaging onto the clay and on the surface that you will be working on.

By using even pressure, work the clay over the surface of the paint using overlapping strokes until you do not feel any resistance coming from the paint surface. Then wipe off the excess lubricant using a microfiber towel and feel the surface of the paint with your fingers; if you still feel some contaminants on the paint repeat the claying procedure until they are all gone before moving onto the next portion of the car.
Helpful Tips When Using Detailing Clay

  • Do not be stingy with the lubricant. Use as much lubricant as you need so that it will be easier for you to glide the clay over the paint.
  • Place the piece of detailing clay in the center of your hand, with your fingertips showing outside the clay. This will prevent you from applying too much pressure that will cause you to punch a hole in the clay.
  • Clay a small portion of the car at a time. To make sure that you are doing a thorough job claying your car’s paint, do a small portion (roughly the size of your microfiber towel) at a time.

Now that you know how to use a clay bar to detail your car properly, you can now proceed to polishing and waxing your car so that it can have a very impressive showroom shine.

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