What’s the Investment on a Mercedes Benz?

What’s the Investment on a Mercedes Benz?

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People don’t talk all that much about safe investments at the moment. We’re all a little gun shy, and rightly so after the debacle of the banking collapse. However, not all investments are about putting your money into the hands of businesses and banks. There are the things that you purchase for yourself to consider too – whether they’re worth their price, and how well they retain value. A classic example is vehicles, and one of the cars you might expect to be worth its asking price is a Mercedes.

Second hard Mercedes are much more likely to snowball in value than buying a model from new. This is because you’re already getting a bargain if you play your cards right, and there are lots of avid Mercedes fans out there who are also waiting for their chance to get something at a less-than-new price. Look for the price range of the particular model online, and check conditions of the car thoroughly before you buy. This means having a good test drive, and looking over vehicle documentation.

Of course investment isn’t all about making money on the sale. It can be about not having to spend too much on the car while you own it, and enjoying the ride, so to speak. You’ll certainly get that with most showroom Mercedes at the moment. They are a wonderful range to own and drive, and with the new super-efficient models on offer you’re likely to find yourself saving petrol money too, which is good for everyone really.

There is a fair chance that if you hold onto a Mercedes for long enough it will achieve classic status, and that’s another way in which they can prove to be good retainers of value. Take the 230SL for example. The sixties range of this motor can still clock up over 20,000 at auction. You might be surprised that even seventies and eighties models, which were the height of un-cool in the nineties, are now fetching figures approaching 10,000.

Investment isn’t easy at the moment in any area, but with a Mercedes you might just find something that ends up being worth your while.

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