What to Use When Washing Your Vehicle

What to Use When Washing Your Vehicle

A lot of us really take pride in our car or truck and spend a lot of money taking care of it. While some wash their vehicles over and over, others may only do it a couple of times a year. Most of us, whether we are an enthusiastic car washer or just do it for fun, hate the thought of going to those automatic swirl car washes that just don’t seem to work. Well, here are some helpful tips and advice on maintaining your vehicles appearance.

Finding the right mitt or sponge

First of all, you want to find a good car washing mitt or cloth. There are different mitts on the market, ranging from microfiber, sponges, synthetic and sheepskin. Whatever you use, make sure it is absorbent and 100% non-abrasive. One of the more popular products is a multi-use synthetic chamois. These cloths are super absorbent and can also be used for drying the vehicle. Try to avoid rags and old shirts, as these do not hold the soap in because they are usually not absorbent enough.

Buckets and Water Nozzle

When washing your car, you will need a bucket for the soapy water. Usually buckets come in 3.5 gallon size or 5 gallon size. Make sure you are aware that using a 5 gallon bucket will be very heavy and may be difficult to move around the vehicle. Some people choose to have two different buckets, one for holding the soapy water and the other for clean rinsing water. This may prove to be very wise, as often using one bucket can transfer the dirt back on to your vehicle. As far as choosing the right nozzle for your water hose, make sure your nozzle has enough pressure to help wash the dirt off your car, but not so much pressure that it damages your paint or decals. It’s a good idea to use a hose that has a nozzle with adjustable pressure settings.

Shampoo for your car

First of all, the days of using dish washing soap are over. Car shampoos have come a long way in the last 10 years and they won’t break down your wax like dish soap can. Using dish soap can strip your car wax and dry out your plastic rubber seals and molding. There are different things that make a car shampoo good, including; pH balance, concentration of soap, foaming ability, lubricity, and even gloss enhancers. When buying a car shampoo, sometimes you get what you pay for. Make sure the shampoo is safe on your car and will prolong the shine and gloss of you paint job.

Drying your car

There are a couple of choices when drying your car. Some choose to drive really fast on the highway in an effort to get their vehicle dry but that just leads to water streak marks. The most popular options are synthetic chamois or a real sheepskin chamois. Using a real sheepskin chamois is a good option that gets your vehicle dry and streak free. The problem with using a sheepskin chamois is that you are using a real animal (the animal has to be killed) and the other main problem is that there is a lot of maintenance when using these kinds of chamois. When not used they need to be kept in a tube so that the chamois can stay moist. If it is not kept in the right conditions, the chamois can become hard and abrasive and therefore not good to use anymore. Using a synthetic chamois is another good option for drying your vehicle. Most of the synthetic chamois out there are very absorbent and some can hold up to 20 times their weight in liquid. The good thing about using a synthetic chamois is that most of them are very absorbent, machine washable, bleach-able, and will last for years and years.

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